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Corso Inglese gratis, inizia 20 febbraio 2017

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We're here to help you learn English.

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Our lives have been changed by God! We offer you these lessons, in the hope that they will help you learn English, but even more, that you will learn about who God is and how you can have peace with Him.

Welcome! We're here to help you really learn English!

The METHOD of language learning is important. Our method is similar to the way little children learn a language.

---- you start with understanding, by watching the video several times.

---- then you learn to speak what you already understand, by listening and repeating the exercises.

---- then you learn to read what you already know, by reading the PDF of the exercises.

This is a very effective method. This is how we learn as children. This is a very good way to learn and to really be able to use a language.


1. For each lesson, start with the video on Youtube. (links on this site). We suggest you watch each video 5 to 10 times.

2. Then, download the mp3 files for that lesson, and listen and repeat the exercises several times.

3. Then, download the PDF transcript of the lesson and the exercises, and watch the lesson while reading the transcript, and listen to the mp3 exercises while reading the transcript.

You can read a more in-depth explanation on the help page.

You can start now. Click on LESSONS above to start learning.

Please Help Us

We need your help. Please watch the video of the first lesson, and let us know what you think about it. Feel free to make suggestions.

We are thankful to God for this opportunity to be of help to you!

Marco and Ashley

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